Eyelash Extensions, 101


1Eyelash Extensions have exploded this last year and will continue in 2017. They are long and fluffy, and you always look wide awake and ready to take on the day. They save so much time in the morning! I had them before and loved them! I always felt so pretty! But as someone who sleeps on their face, they just weren’t for me! Even though I wish that I could have them again!

But I decided to talk to my good friend, and licensed aesthetician, Andrea. Some examples of her work through this post! See below to her answers to my questions!

Let’s start with what is your background – how long have you been doing lashes and why do you like it?

 I have been lashing since March of 2016. I am a relatively new Lash Tech (or “Lash Artist” as some of us like to go by). Initially, I went to beauty school with a dear love for skin care and the hopes to end up in a medspa or derms office. I even had ideas or getting my RN to be able to work even deeper into the skin. Inspiration to help ladies look and feel beautiful was a growing passion and every day at school was a new adventure. Having struggled my whole young adult life with not-so-flawless skin, I was pretty focused with my goals for skin care… that’s until Minkys (edit: eyelash company) came to visit.

I had lashes many times before so I knew of the impact the have on your face and overall self-esteem; I just could NOT picture myself sitting there for two hours gluing on hairs to someones hairs!! And there is was tweezers in hand, eyes glued to the tiniest little area of the face.

My first session took 3.5 hours and I got 11 lashes on each eye… now that might not seem like much (because it’s not) but I was among the girls who were “fast”. Ok proudest moment: I heard my teacher talking to a classmate, she pointed over to my station saying “you need so slow down it takes practice, see this girl here had every lash perfectly in place. She couldn’t have gotten them closer” UGH so proud. “ME?!?” Well, I won’t let a compliment like that go to waste! I practiced and little by little my 11 little lashes in 3.5 hours became 150 lashes in 2.5 hours, and I was officially certified with Minkys.

Can you give us lash 101? How it works, and how often you should get a fill, etc.capture
 The human eye has on average 150 lashes per eye. Now you don’t have that same 150 your whole life; you shed them just like any hair every 4-6 weeks. So when you sit down to put on a set of lash extensions you see three types of lashes; long full grown lashes, medium length lashes which are still growing, and little tiny baby lashes.
Now with that said here are the basics:
  • Lash extensions are not damaging; some argue they are even better for your lashes!
  • There is zero fussing with mascara or makeup remover.
  •  You must brush and clean them every day!
  • Extensions are going to be different for everyone; you can only lash if there is a lash to lash! (sorry way to fun) meaning the extensions are attached to the hairs, NOT THE LID! They won’t work if you don’t have any lashes there.
  • ONE extension to ONE natural lash
  • Each set is personalized to the individual; what that natural set of lashes can handle and the needs of the client BUT the health of the lashes comes first. “Sorry honey, not everyone can sport a Kim K.”
  • Most people can go up to 3 weeks between fills. Most Techs will offer a 2-week fill as well, and you will keep them fuller all month long it just might cost a tiny bit more overall.
  • Fills are not based on the amount of weeks that have gone by, but how many lashes you have lost… so if you lost all but 10 lashes in 3 weeks it’s still going to be a full set when you go in, but think about it… it’s way more work!
  • A full set can take from 2-2.5 hours and fills are generally half that, everyone is different.
  • Trust your lash tech!

 How should one properly care for lash extensions?

You will most likely get a little spooly to brush them with, do so twice a day or more if you get bored! Be sure you keep oily products away from them, anything that says oil free is your new friend. Wash them gently with an oil free cleaner or even wish water while in the shower 🙂 Clean lashes are happy lashes! Dust oil and dirt can get stuck in there is you are not careful and that can cause bacteria and may lead to infection, all which would be bad things!

What are the basic styles of the lashes? Natural, glam, etc.
I am prone to doing a doll effect on most clients longest in the middle and shorter on the outer edges, this effect is my favorite because it opens up the eye and looks good on everyone! For a more dramatic look, I like doing a “fan” keeping all the lashes to a similar long length. The fan look reminds me a lot of the 60’s glam!!  There are many other styles out there(TO PINTEREST!) but I stick with my favorites not all of the cat eyes and crazy effects will look good on everyone. To be totally honest the cat eye is pretty hard to pull off, girl more power to you, but I want my eyes to look bright and open! There is much more wiggle room when choosing a curl, while not everyone can wear every curl (if you have very straight or very curl lashes for example) you have more room to play. Lashes come in L,J,B,C,D and DD curls and can be fit to the individuals taste and needs 🙂
Personal go-to’s are the C curls (they look good on most eyes) but the drama in a curly D set of lashes is my favorite! 3
Don’t stress your Lash Artist will know what to do.
What are your tips on picking a lash tech?
Check out their portfolio! Don’t be afraid to ask where they were trained and what their lash philosophy is. I bet they will be stoked to talk about it. Something good to remember is not to go cheap with this luxury you certainly get what you pay for, a full set can cost between $100-$300 depending on what you get and what area you live in.

Have you had lashes before? Are you considering them and need any help? Comment below!


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