Microneedling 101

ss_dermaroller_1024x1024Have you heard ever heard of microneedling or dermarolling? In short, you’re rolling tiny needles all over your face. Sounds intense, right? Let me explain why I do this.

The hundreds of tiny needles create small injuries on the skin, which in turn makes your body send collagen directly to your face. Which heals and makes your skin tighter and healthier than before. Pairing it with a serum allows the serum to penetrate your skin even deeper and become even more efficient.

I use the .3mm roller from StackedSkincare (pictured). I use it about twice a week and replace it every 4 weeks (dull needles are not good). It has made a massive difference in the fine lines and red patchy spots on my face. It has become a go-to item for me.

How to do it? 

Apply a Serum to your cleansed face and neck, then gently roll the microroller over skin vertically, horizontally and diagonally (rolling over each side of the face, chin, lips, forehead and neck). Apply another layer of Serum to your face and neck, then finish with the moisturizer of your choice.

After using the roller, disinfect it using rubbing alcohol. Submerge the roller head in small cup or bowl for 5 minutes and allow to fully dry before placing in its storage container.

*Do not roll over ance, you do not want to spread bacteria over the newly opened skin.

Have you ever tried? Have any questions? Let me know below!


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