Lazy Girl Workout Tips

If you’re like me getting in a consistent workout routine is hard with long hours at the office and trying to maintain the fleeting social life that is postgrad life. Here are some tips I’ve found work for me for getting some workouts in.

71yhotx2bipl-_sl1500_1. Standing Desks: I used to make fun of the coworkers that had them. Till I finally got talked into one, and I am hooked. My back doesn’t hurt after long days or craning over the computer, and I’m very about the additional calories being burned. An equal amount of time spent standing has been shown to burn over 170 additional calories in a given afternoon of desk work(source).

The desk to the left is an affordable version from Amazon, but talk to your HR department, and you might be able to talk them into a nicer version if you dual screen like I do at work.

redd-angelo-144232. Walk everywhere: This one is a no-brainer, but if you drive everywhere like I do you have to make the extra effort to walk everywhere. Park far way in the parking lot, take the stairs, or simply take lunch break walks (weather allowing).

Not only will you torch extra calories it will give you a much needed mental break throughout the day!

matt-heaton-960453. Instead of going out for drinks go out for a hike: Everytime friends call up it seems like all they want to do is go out for drinks or food. Instead, suggest a more active activity catch up! Go for a hike or even walk in the city. Anything to keep you moving really!

Fresh air with friends is always an added bonus! And it never really feels like a workout, but it is!

4.Schedule workouts: My coworker and I botfitbith have very different schedules, but both enjoy working out with each other. But the only way we’re able to actually do it is if we put it on our calendars as a meeting we cannot miss. It keeps us accountable and on track!

5. Fitness Trackers: My Fitbit just broke actually, and I’ve been saving for an Apple watch. I love fitness trackers, it’s such a fun way to get the recommended daily 10,000 steps! And with Fitbit, you can add your friends and make it into a game!

Do you have any tips you use to stay healthy and fit? Let me know!


7 thoughts on “Lazy Girl Workout Tips

  1. I do the calendar appointment thing too – I work out on my own, but having it pop up in my calendar feels like a real meeting and not just something I can skip because I feel I’m too busy with work. I love country walks. in terms of city walks, if you can’t think of where to go, I found some self-guided walks in London – maybe they’re available in other cities too. It tells you where to go, and also something about the places that you’re passing. I did one with a friend who came to visit London, and it worked out well, because we had a good walk and discovered some new places. She told me she wanted to avoid all the crowded, touristy places, and this was a good way to do that without getting lost lol! I use the Withings step counter app and it ends up getting quite competitive, which is also a way to get motivated.

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  2. Hi, I recently found your blog and I am loving it, especially your beauty posts! I recently started a blog and I had a couple questions so I was wondering if there’s anyone I could email you or something to get your opinion?

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