Favorite Protein Bars

Favorite Protein Bar

I have a new found obsession with RXBars. These bars are amazing, they have no added sugar, no dairy, no soy, and no gluten. So they are able to fit into a lot of different dietary restrictions while tasting amazing.

RXBARs are considered whole food protein bars made with natural ingredients like egg whites, dates, and nuts. The dates make it sweet without all the added sugars like some other bars on the market. Most flavors have less than 10 ingredients. That’s pretty amazing in a world of crazy processed foods and added sugars. The bars also don’t leave that gross chemical after taste like some bars.

My favorite flavor is chocolate sea salt! Which has 12g of protein, 4g of fiber, all while only having 200 calories! They are perfect to keep in my gym bag post or pre workout, or even as a quick breakfast if I’m running late in the morning! They also taste amazing and feel like a treat! 

You can pick them up at a health food store or amazon! If you don’t like the taste of dates these might not be for you. But still worth a try. The macros are worth it and they run pretty average in price to other bars on the market.

Have you tried before? What’s your favorite flavor? Let me know below!




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