Easy Ways to Drink More Water 

Drinking enough water is by far the most important and easiest way to improve your skin, mood, and overall health. Yet many people fall well below the recommended amount. The rule of thumb is if you become thirsty it’s too late you’re already mildly dehydrated.

In high school, I didn’t even own a water bottle, my only fluids were milk and soda, once in college and now being chained to my desk I put a tremendous effort into getting all the water I need. Here are some tips that I use:

1.Set a reminder on your phone, every hour to drink a glass

Sometimes it’s easy to get busy and forget, if you set reminders on your phone it will remind you to just sip as you work.


2. Add lemon, mint, cucumber, or berries to your water for a new taste

This is for people who get bored with water, this adds a fresh and yummy update to your water, so you’re more likely to crave it.

3. Track it in an app

My fitness pal and other health apps have a section to track your water, you could also go old school and just tally it up on a sticky note!

4. Drink a glass right before eating and right after

This will actually have you eating less because your stomach will be more full, and the water after will help you digest.


5. For every alcoholic or caffeine drink, also drink one glass of water

No one likes hangovers or caffeine headaches, both caffeine and alcohol dehydrate you. A one-to-one rule is a good one to follow.


6. Always keep a water bottle with you

On your desk, in your car, in your gym bag, and in your vehicle. Just keeping a bottle at arm’s length is an easy way to sip throughout the day without having to go out of your way! I carry my hydro flask everywhere!


4 thoughts on “Easy Ways to Drink More Water 

  1. Such good advice, I never seem to drink enough water during the day. It ends up causing me awful migraines. I drink a lot of coffee, but I always neglect my water intake. I think I will definitely be adding an app on my phone to remind me.


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