The All-Time Best Hand Cream

PL’Occitane Hand Creams is a cult favorite for many people across the board. It’s one of those products you try once and never stop buying. Growing up I always remember my mother having the lavender scented cream on her vanity, and that continues to be a gift for her every Christmas.

According to their website, they sell one bottle every three seconds around the world! It moisturizes deeply while still feeling light and non-greasy. My favorite scent is Cherry Blossom, Rose, and the standard Shea. I could go on and on about this cream, but it’s on of those products that you have to try for yourself. Warning, you WILL fall in love.

The smallest size that runs $12 lasts me a few months of using multiple times a day. I keep some on my desk, next to my bed, and in my purse. When Sephora has a rare sale, I stock up. Grab some next time you’re there, and you will not regret it!



20 thoughts on “The All-Time Best Hand Cream

      1. I think I’m going to pick one up! I’ve tried the couvent des minimes hand cream (literally had to google that lowkey) and it was nice but very thin in consistency so I ran out super fast!


      1. Wow! That was super informative! I’m really interested in the face cream you mentioned in it! It sounds great for summer! How long do you think the full size will last you?


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