Microblading: Part 2 (The Touch Up) 

If you haven’t read my intro to microblading, you can find it here!

So here’s the full story in more detail including my touchup. Here’s what my eyebrows used to look like:


Completely over plucked and no one told me you could put makeup where there wasn’t hair… like seriously so bad it hurts to look.

Below is my first appointment before and after. Luckily for me, I didn’t have too much fading. I went in about 6 months after my first appointment, see below for a before after the first appointment. 

Below is after the first touch-up I’ve gotten, they are way darker than before because I let my natural brows grow in and the color hadn’t had a chance to fade in just yet. This time it was way faster, I was in and out in 20 minutes! and I actually had a lot of itching a few days later which I didn’t the first time.

The only other difference from the first time is that I actually had a lot of itching a few days later, which I’ve heard some people do experience. It wasn’t unbearable but you’re not supposed to touch them which was pretty hard for me but I did it!


Here is a picture from today, no eyebrow I am in absolute love with them, and so happy I did it!img_1203

Overall, it was well worth the money for me and I will probably go in in another 6 months for more touch ups. I am so happy with thicker, bolder brows and the fact that it saves so much time in the morning! Being a blonde it’s so hard to find a pencil that is the right color, this was matched perfectly and I am so happy!


20 thoughts on “Microblading: Part 2 (The Touch Up) 

  1. Your brows look amazing! I have been considering this but feel slightly terrified as there is no way to hide your brows if you don’t like the result or it goes wrong! I can’t believe the difference in your brows though…excellent job! 👍😊

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    1. This was my 6th month touch up. And I’m not totally sure as it’s different for every person but I’ll probably go in in another 6 months if I need to! I go in chlorine a lot and that fades them much quicker!

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  2. I’ve been wanting to do mine too but haven’t found the right person to do it so I thought i’d rather wait for the right timing than regretting it afterwards. Yours looks really natural though ❤️


      1. True! I would much rather have it done by someone I know rather than drop in for the first time and have it done on the spot. Also the thought of my first ever tattoo being on my face on display for everyone to see is kinda scary too :”D


      2. Usually you’ll have a consultation for the first apt, they’ll talk you through it and you’ll both decide on the ink color and such! Also they do fade so if you totally hate it it will go away eventually!

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      3. Waiting for it to fade away will be such a pain though :”D But glad it worked amazing on you!


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