Work Travel Necessities

In the past year, I’ve been traveling for work a lot. Through a lot of trial and error, I’ve narrowed down what is non-negotiable travel wise. And here are the top few items, enjoy!

81YVJSxtm0L._SX522_COSMO Cosmetic Bag: This bag is fabulous! No more digging for a lipstick, just lay it out on the hotel counter and tie it up when you’re done! It’s so easy to pack and actually holds a lot of stuff!


Hydro Flask Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle: I am obsessed with my hydroflask,  It is so important to stay hydrated when traveling, it’s just something you tend to forget about, having a good water bottle at hands reach at all times helps immensely.


Silk Pillowcase: I am obsessed with my silk pillowcase, to the point that, yes, I do travel with it. The hotel pillows are always terrible and make my hair frizzy, this saves time when waking up early to get ready for all through meetings! They also do not take up any space in a suitcase!


Sheet Masks: After long days and new climates my skin is never happy with me. A sheet mask takes up no space when packing and gives you a much-needed way to relax before you head to bed. They make my skin a little less angry after using them. Then I follow with my favorite facial spray and feel refreshed and ready for the next day!


Activewear clothes: I always find room to pack at least one workout outfit, even if the hotel doesn’t have a gym I try to find a way to workout once a day! I feel better and it helps me sleep! Even if you just take a quick run it always helps!


10 thoughts on “Work Travel Necessities

  1. Great ideas – I travel for work a lot too – that Cosmo bag would have come in very handy – I may have to get it anyway, it’s such a great price! And so true about working out – it makes you feel great after a stressful trip ! Don’t forget to use the travel time to get in some movement too ! Safe travels and thanks for sharing your tips!

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