Blonde Pro Tip – Purple Shampoo 

Due to being indoors most of my week, instead of running around a beach somewhere like in my younger days, I’ve had to start getting regular highlights. I get them every couple of months. Usually, before a big event or trip where I know there will be a lot of photos. 

I love how extra blonde it makes me but it has come with some consequences – dry ends, and brassiness (or just hair turning straight yellow). I told my stylist, whom I love, and she told me about purple shampoo. And I was like “excuse me, what”? She was shocked that I’ve been blonde my whole life and never heard of it. 

Since purple is the opposite on the color wheel of yellow, it tones down those yellows. The darker the purple the better! Our hair obsorbs very small particles of the shampoo and the purple neaturilzes the yellow. I use JOICO Color Endure Violet Shampoo, 10.1 Ounce(pictured) from amazon about once a week!

It makes a huge difference on making my hair look a more natural blonde. I’m hooked! 


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