Favorite Hair Oil 

41ZH94y4exLMy mom has been going to the same hairstylist for well over 20 years so she obviously has a lot of trust in him. He sent her home with two bottles of Kitoko Oil about a year ago, one for her and one for me.

We were both instantly obsessed and now it is both of our go tos. She still gets it direct from him but I finally found it online after moving away.

Affinage Kitoko Oil Treatment 3.88 Ounce with Easy Dispensing Pump is a blend of different oils that adds moisture and shine instantly! I use it right out of the shower, once the hair is dry, and throughout the day whenever I need a little pick me up. It helps with my dry ends and keeps the frizz at bay!

It smells natural without smelling too natural, it also doesn’t way down my fine, thin hair. This will be a product I use until they no longer make it! It is a staple in my routine.


11 thoughts on “Favorite Hair Oil 

      1. I use jojoba oil on my face too and it has the added benefit of growing my eyelashes! Discovered it entirely by accident when I realised something was different after using it to remove my eye makeup etc. for a couple of weeks… and a quick google search explained things! It’s completely crazy haha


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