Favorite “healthy-ish” Starbucks drink 

I LOVE coffee and Starbucks for that matter. My favorite healthy-ish drink as of late is as follows:

Venti Cold Brew, with Almond Milk, and half a packet of stevia. 

Cold brew is less acidic than normal coffee, almond milk is a great low calorie alternative to normal milk, and stevia is a no calorie natural sweetener. 

What’s your favorite drink? Let me know below! 


24 thoughts on “Favorite “healthy-ish” Starbucks drink 

  1. Really loving an iced Americano with an extra shot of ristretto, plust two sweet ‘n’ low packets or some other kind of sweetener! (I know a lot of artificial sweeteners aren’t good for you but I gotta add something!)


  2. I’ve never tried cold brew before but I definitely want to! Especially now that I know that it’s less acidic, I didn’t even know that! I love Starbucks. I sometimes get almond milk but honestly I’m kind of a brat because sometimes I can’t deal with the taste… Even though I prefer almond milk at home. I don’t know why that is! Maybe I just don’t like the kind of almond milk that Starbucks uses? Anyways, I always get skim milk though. It’s the only dairy milk I can drink, even though I don’t have it a lot and mainly use it for cooking. Great post! 🙂


  3. This blog is awesome! I actually just made a post similar to this one about the top best tasting lower calorie options from Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts! Being from New York, people can not get enough coffee haha.


      1. They are very sweet. When you have a crazy sweet tooth like I do, you begin to crave them! You should definitely try it out though and let me know what you think!


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