Favorite Budget Face Scrub 

My mother has been obsessed with St. Ives scrubs for as long as I can remember. She’s a fan of the apricot scrub, I don’t ever remember a time she didn’t have some on her bathroom counter.

I am also a big fan of the apricot scrub! But the Green Tea is my personal favorite! It’s hypoallergenic so it doesn’t make my redness flare up, and helps clear out the pesky blackheads on my nose!

Some people use this scrub twice daily, but I usually use this one every other day in the shower as I already use my Sunday Riley kit for my main exfoliation. I gently scrub away any of the dead stuff or the gym sweat, focusing on my nose then follow it with my first aid beauty moisturizer!

And this scrub is also crazy affordable! On Amazon, you can get it for under 5 dollars! Or in multi-packs! It takes me forever to get throw a whole bottle of this stuff! It has been go-to for me for a long time!

Have you tried St. Ives? What are your thoughts? Let me know below!


12 thoughts on “Favorite Budget Face Scrub 

  1. I am definitely going to check out this product after reading this! I am prone to blackheads on my nose that never seem to want to go away! Thanks for the recommendation girl xo

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  2. i’m so happy someone else loves this too! its the best face scrub i’ve ever found, drugstore and high end. i can actually tell a noticeable difference when I don’t use this. I really only get blackheads on my nose and in the middle of my forehead, but this scrub really helps to clear out my pores and make my blackheads look a lot smaller!

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  3. The apricot scrub is my holy grail! I’ve been using it since I was 13. I love trying new skin products but if they fail, i always fall back on my apricot scrub! ❤


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