Favorite Lotions for Spring

With spring finally, on us here in California, I’ve made some seasonal changes to my routine. Including my lotions, see below for my seasonal favorites:


Amir Touch of Tan Moisturizer with Argan – $10.15

Now that I’m not hiding away in layers and layers I used this for a subtle tan when I don’t have time for normal tanning routine (to come). It gives such a subtle color without looking orange. It’s also super moisturizing! It’s never stained clothes or sheets like my normal tanner and gives me just a little glow that I like. I use this at night mixed with the next body butter.


The Body Shop Body Butter, Satsuma – $14.25

This stuff smells AMAZING. The orange is perfect for spring without being too flowery (I’m not into flowery). It’s so rich and creamy, I stock up on this year round but this citrusy scent is my go to! I use it day and night or after the shower.


Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion With SPF 15 – $7.83

I get sunburnt so easily like I get burnt on my 40-minute commute to work. Now that it is staying lighter longer I take my sunscreen even more serious. I use this on any exposed skin for the day, it’s so gentle and keeps me from burning. It’s a go to year round!

What’s your favorite springtime lotions? Let me know below!



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