Tarte Tartelette Tease Palette Review


I have had the TARTE Tartelette Tease EYESHADOW PALETTE for a long time now. I’m not crazy into eyeshadows so I wanted something simple. So I went with this gorgeous palette.  And I am such a big fan of it! It has lasted forever and is just enough color without getting too crazy.

img_1602As you can see from the swatches to the left, Whisper is very, very light but creates a great base to add to.

Wink is light but has a little more pigment to it. It’s an amazing pink that I love using alone as an everyday eyeshadow. It just has the perfect hint of color and has just the slightest tinge of purple that makes my green eyes pop!

First Kiss is also purple but has a little glitter that I really like for a little extra bam.

Crush is probably my favorite, its gold and has an amazing little shimmer to it. Almost like a really gold highlighter. I usually use it to go over the whole look.

BFF is dark purple that I like to use in my crease, as I said with wink, really makes my green eyes pop. It’s matte and works really well to add depth to the look.

Heartbreaker is the darkest, it’s matte and blends beautifully, I also use it in the crease.


Have you used this palette before? What’s your favorite palette overall?




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