Jade Rolling 101 

61vovikhigl-_sy679_I once wrote a post about the Microneedling 101, but I recently found out about Jade Rolling and was immediately interested. So I purchased this roller (pictured) on Amazon for only $13.

Jade Rolling is an Ancient Chinese treatment that improves circulation, de-puffs, improves elasticity, and helps smooth out fine lines.

How to:

Clean skin with favorite cleanser, then apply a mask or mask. Roll the jade up, down, diagonal, and side to side all over your face to really work the product into your skin. The cold jade feels amazing and helps your skin absorb the product deeper. Massage it all over for about 5 – 10 minutes. The product will most likely get sticky, which is a good thing. If it gets too sticky spritz some facial spray and keep going!

I can literally see the fine lines disappearing as I go, and it feels amazing. I do this almost every day and even bring it on the road with me!

I use it in the morning with my serum and at night if I use a mask! It is an excellent addition to my routine!



Have you ever used a jade roller before? Let me know below!



23 thoughts on “Jade Rolling 101 

  1. This sounds so cool! I have never seen one before, but I want to try it! Anything to remove these fine lines haha Never knew I’d be getting fine lines this early in life.. ah! Thanks for recommending xx


  2. This definitely sounds less intimidating than for example micro needling! So i would be very interested in trying it, it sounds like a good investment.


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