Olaplex No 3 Review 

no3-minOlaplex is one of the mythical products you hear about over and over. It has so many crazy positive reviews you can’t help but be curious.

Olaplex is a professional product line that can only be purchased by salons, but you can purchase No 3 for an at home treatment. It “relinks the broken disulfide bonds in every type of hair providing real, structural repair that works from within.”

There are a lot of off-brand pretending to be Olaplex, but they only sell it on their own website and in salons. As obsessed as I am with Amazon I wouldn’t purchase it there.

After looking into the product multiple times over many months I finally decided to pull the trigger and go for it.

First off, it is so much smaller than I was expecting. As you can see it fits in the palm of my hand. But I’ve used it twice and can probably still get at least 5 more uses from it.

It’s honestly worth the hype. I left it on for a couple hours one Saturday after I received the package and for days after my hair was so silky and looked amazing.

I get my hair highlighted every couple of months so I will definitely be incorporating it into my routine. Maybe once a month since you do really pay per ounce on this one. Between I will use my coconut oil and SheaMoisture masks.

I’m going to look into local salons or see if my hair stylist can do the full Olaplex routine for me because I am now a believer. Till then I will be using No 3 and loving it!



12 thoughts on “Olaplex No 3 Review 

  1. As a cosmetology student, olaplex is amazing!!! And what a lot of people don’t know Is it’s not just for blondes!! I would definitely recommend the full treatment next time you go in! Definitely worth the money and it will make a huge difference in your hair


  2. It really is! I mean it’s great for all hair color! Yes blonde is definitely more damaging but so is other color


  3. I was a hairstylist before all the hype, and naturally a lot of us at the salon didn’t believe it — that was until I fried off half of my sister in law-to be’s hair! That was the first time I ever actually melted off someone’s hair. If I had added Olaplex, I am convinced it wouldn’t have happened at all. I never mixed another bowl of bleach without it (and it can be mixed into any haircolor!) Definitely worth it! The number 3 is like an incredible conditioning treatment, and good for you for not trusting Amazon — you just never know what you’re going to get.
    If you ask your stylist for an Olaplex treatment at the salon, your hair will be even better and the number 3 will work extra great with it! 😉
    Thanks for sharing this!

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