DIY Vanity

I’ve been pining after the Pinterest vanities forever so I finally decided to slowly create my own vision and I am so happy with it, see below for pictures of my favorite area of my room.img_1592img_1599img_1597

So here is how I did it:



Mirage Mirrored 2-Drawer Console Table, horrible to keep clean but isn’t it sooo pretty??


So the mirror itself was actually a hand me down from my mom and I added the lights myself! MAKE UP MIRROR LED LIGHT FOR VANITY MIRROR with dimmer, were just what I wanted. They were inexpensive and the dimmer is perfect for getting the lighting just right! They were also super easy to apply!



I used the Ghost Side Chair in Transparent Crystal with the Flash Furniture Hard Tufted Vinyl Chiavari Chair Cushion in white.  I couldn’t deciede on a chair for the longest time but am so happy that I finally went with this one! I feel like it really brings the whole look together.


Makeup Storage 

I used old candle holders for my brushes and then this Acrylic Cosmetics Makeup and Jewelry Storage Case. It is so cute and lets me really see everything!

Everything else, the small mirror, frames, etc were just collected from second-hand stores. What do you think of my vanity? Any suggestions? Logo


41 thoughts on “DIY Vanity

  1. Omg this is everything I’m obsessed with the mirror. I bet the selfie lighting is prime!! I just did a DIY post on my blog as well, check it out if you want πŸ™‚ good to see theres other crafty people around !!!


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