NYX Honey Dew Me Up Review


So I picked this little beauty during my last haul. The NYX Honey Dew Me Up is a priming oil that is “inspired by honey’s golden glow… that neutralizes the appearance of discoloration and redness….light reflective gold flecks create a luminous look that will help keep your skin looking radiant all day.”

I am SO happy with this purchase! I prefer a silicone based primer so I instead mixed it with my IT Cosmetics CC cream to create a gorgeous glow.

I apply my CC cream with a silicone blender, blend out my nose with a damp beauty blender (oil with my oily nose is a no go), then add a few drops to the blender and blend the rest of my face out.

It creates such a dewy, pretty look and helps keep my makeup in place! Just make sure everything drys before adding powder, it is a really sticky oil! If I’m not wearing any makeup I like to just add it on top of my sunscreen for a natural glow!

I will be repurchasing this over and over again!

Have you tried this product? Let me know below!Logo


15 thoughts on “NYX Honey Dew Me Up Review

  1. This looks lovely, but I’ve always been curious about silicone beauty blenders… the texture feels so sticky – what do they feel like on the face? x


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