Favorite At Home Facial Peel 


I was blessed with the Murad Intensive-C Radiance Peel from my mom. She gave it to me months ago and I am so happy to have it! It is an “intensive peel treatment that instantly brightens, smoothes, and hydrates damaged skin. Designed to enhance luminosity and reveal a noticeably brighter complexion. This active treatment instantly brightens smoothes and hydrates skin, reversing environmental aging after just one use. An easy to use, at home treatment that enhances luminosity to reveal a more radiant complexion” [x].

My mom gave it to me because she had an extra from a kit she bought and she knew I would love it! And I really do! I use it once a week, sensitive skin shouldn’t do more than that. It gives me a radiant glow and makes my skin so soft. It also really makes the fine lines under my eyes less noticeable. Just make sure to use a really good moisturizer afterward,  I love using the First Aid Beauty Repair Cream.

It also really helps with my hormonal acne and blackheads. Even though it has a hefty price tag  I will be replacing this once it’s out!

Have you used this peel before? Let me know below!



4 thoughts on “Favorite At Home Facial Peel 

  1. I absolutely love Murad as a brand and have been thinking of trying this but I have such sensitive skin that I was worried. I still think I wanna try it out though, I’ll just be sure to only do it once a week! Great post! Xoxo


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