Early New Year’s Resolutions



Hi all,

It sure has been a while, I feel like after everything going on lately I’m finally back to some sense of normalcy in my life. I’m looking forward to the closing of this year and the beginning of a new one. 2017 has been such a year of ups and downs, so instead of waiting until the new year to set new goals for myself, I’ve decided to hit the ground running and start now.

I’m considering doing a monthly check-in post to show my progress.


  • Pay off one credit card fully
  • Save $1,000
  • Go out to eat or drinks only once a week

Health/ Fitness

  • Lose 5 pounds
  • A vegetable at every meal
  • Drink a gallon of water a day
  • 9,000 steps a day


  • At least two posts a week


  • Use phone less in general, especially at work
  • Read one book a month

What are your goals going into the new year? Let me know below!




4 thoughts on “Early New Year’s Resolutions

  1. These sounds like really achievable resolutions! Good luck. Drinking more water is one of my as well. Mine are also to blog more and eat less fish. I’m currently a pescatarian but would like to merge into a vegan soon hopefully.
    Laila x


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