December Favorites

It’s the end of 2017, crazy how many ups and downs this year has had. So much has changed, but I’m looking to make some major changes come 2018.

Reflecting on the last few months, especially December I decided to share some of my favorite items from the last few weeks.


Lemon La Croix 

Been obsessed with all things sparkling water lately, I usually go for the grapefruit La Croix but the lemon has been stocking my selves lately. It’s such a refreshing treat when I get a soda craving!


Mario Badescu Rose Facial Spray

It’s no secret how much I like this spray year round, but especially in the winter when I need the extra moisture. I literally keep an extra bottle in my car just in case I need a pick me up midday!

618xuwptx-l-_sy355_Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer

I am literally so pale in the winter, this is the only thing keeping me somewhat alive looking and it’s so easy to use! All without making me orange!


Living Proof Restore Conditioner

I have been loving this conditioner all month, my ends tend to get stringy and brittle in the cold and this stuff has made such a difference!

What were some of your favorites this month? Let me know below!




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