A Long Weekend in SLC


I recently took a last minute trip to Salt Lake City, Utah. And let me tell you, I have never fallen harder for a city in my life. I flew in late Thursday night and flew back Monday morning. Below you’ll find some pictures, mostly taken by good friend Brandon (@Bk_exposures on Instagram), and some of my favorite spots we stopped.


We stayed at an Airbnb that was pretty much in the center of the city so we were conveniently located to walk almost everywhere. What surprised me most was how quiet it was for a large city! It was so quaint and pretty! I could honestly see myself moving there in the near future. I couldn’t get over how gorgeous the mountains were.



Friday, we grabbed breakfast at the Gourmandise The Bakery, the omelets and coffee were amazing. Then we explored the University of Utah campus and the Capital Building. Both had outstanding views of the city and the mountains. Then we grabbed dinner at Taqueria 27 down the street. Get the nachos, you’ll thank me later.




Saturday it started to snow! This is the first time I’ve ever been in “real” snow, I’ve never been so excited about the weather! We had a friend of mine who is local to the area drive us up through some of the canyons to play and just see how pretty it all was. Then we tried the Squatters brewery for the first time (and we were hooked). Then we checked out Temple Square and City Creek mall, it was gorgeous and clean.


That night we checked out a Jazz game, they were playing the Clippers. Which is my team so I had to! The tickets were pretty cheap on StubHub, and the stadium is great!



Sunday we ubered out to Park City and checked out the Sundance film festival very last minute. So last minute we didn’t even end up catching any movies. We did walk around, grab sushi (it was strange), checked the town out, and saw Terry Cruise! The uber back through the mountains and the sunset was gorgeous. We then went back to squatters for drinks and some gluten-free pizza! it was amazing, squatters is going to be something I miss the most!


Monday we flew back, the airport security only took 15 minutes. I was so surprised! Flying over the snowy mountains was so bittersweet, it was gorgeous but I was sad to be leaving. I can’t wait to go back!img_4576

Have you been to SLC? How did you like it? Let me know below! Until next time…Logo


4 thoughts on “A Long Weekend in SLC

  1. Girl, I’m hella jealous! I went on a weekend getaway to Beech Mountain, NC for some skiing with my boyfriend and I can’t get enough of the snow. I’ve been told that SLC and the ski resorts in Utah are breathtaking. Can’t wait till I can experience them myself!


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