Brand Spotlight: Nyakio

Disclaimer: I was lucky enough to receive the following products for free, but I am still going to give my totally honest review on all of the products below.


The company I am spotlighting is Nyakio, Nyakio uses traditional ingredients in their formulas and is now available from Ulta. The products are 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free! They are formulated without sulfates, phthalates, parabens, mineral oil, petrolatum, formaldehyde, butylene glycol. I’ve been considering switching to a more natural routine for a while so this is a great way for me to test the waters!

The following products in this spotlight are overall amazing, I was honestly expecting to not be wowed, but I was pretty stunned to like all 4 of them. Some more than others, by far my favorite is the Baobab Youth Infused Daily Defense Crème! See below for my full take on the four products I was sent!


I am so happy with the Baobab Youth Infused Daily Defense Crème! I have this strange feeling that my tried and true First Aid Beauty moisturizer started breaking me out so I was in the market for a new moisturizer. It’s super thick and luxurious, but absorbs super quick! It leaves me feeling so soft and not greasy! I’ve also noticed my makeup is actually going on smoother than before and looking better at the end of the day! As well as makeup days I look more glowy and healthy. I’ve also been using more acids to help with some breakouts and this really soothes my skin after this somewhat harsh approach.

I highly recommend this moisturizer if you’re looking for a more natural approach that won’t break the bank!


Next is the Quinoa De-Puffing & Firming Eye Cream, I have been mentioning for a while now how I need to find a better eye cream. And I think I may have found it! I love the applicator, you rub the product on in circles with the plastic tip, it’s supercooling and calming. Sometimes I feel like I waste so much of my eye products by appling them with my fingers so this really helps with that!It really does moisturize the delicate eye area, and the cooling sensation feels amazing in the morning!


The Sweet Almond Cleansing Oil Balm is pretty similar to the Clinique Take the Day Off concept. I do like the product but I am unsure if I would repurchase it. It is a solid, good smelling product that turns to oil when heated by the skin, it does a good job of getting most of my makeup off but I have a hard time getting all of my mascara off. I will still continue to use it as it does leave my skin super soft after washing it off.

Overall I do like it but I just prefer using my Micellar Cleansing Water to remove tough makeup.


Finally, the Kenyan Coffee Body Scrub! I really love this scrub! It smells amazing without being overpowering! And a little goes a long way, unlike some other coffee scrubs I’ve used. It leaves my skin feeling so soft after showering, it really polishes all the dead skin away, leaving polished, healthy look skin. I have started using this weekly and have noticed smoother, softer skin since!


I am happy with all of these products, but I plan on repurchasing 3 out of the 4, which as far as I’m concerned is really good for me. I usually don’t like a full range of a company! They remind me of SheaMoisture but a much more luxurious range of products!

Have you heard of any of these products? Have you tried them before? What was your experience? Or if you haven’t would you be willing to?

Let me know below! I would really enjoy hearing your take on it!




6 thoughts on “Brand Spotlight: Nyakio

  1. Never heard of this brand before. Is it just me or it’s not so popular? If I will find them I will probably give them a try.Thank you for the review x


  2. I absolutely love this brand! The lovely Nyakio herself actually visited my Ulta Beauty location in 2017, of course it was on my day off, but I heard nothing except wonderful things about her. Before learning she was there, I was playing with the products a few months after we got them in and discovered the “Maracuja & Yangu Soothing Oil,” let me just tell you – this stuff is amazing!!! It soaks right into the skin and leaves you so soft and hydrated. It’s great for redness in the face and I actually used it when I was in the peeling stage of a sunburn and it cleared that itchy/dry skin right up! I’ve been looking for a new eye cream, and I might just buy this one mentioned because of this post!


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