Brand Spotlight: Nubian Heritage


Disclaimer: I was lucky enough to receive the following products for free, but I am still going to give my totally honest review on all of the products below.

I recently did a brand spotlight on Nyakio, now I’m going to be reviewing some great products from Nubian Heritage.These products contain No Animal Ingredients, No DEA. , No Mineral Oil, No PABA, No Parabens, No Paraffin, No Petrolatum, No Phthalates, No Propylene Glycol, No Synthetic Color, No Synthetic Fragrance, No UREA. It’s a much more natural approach which has been something I’ve been looking into for a long time now.

It is also a cruelty-free company, going forward I’m attempting to only buy beauty products that don’t test on animals, so I’m very happy with that aspect as well!





The first products I’m going to be speaking on are the Goat’s Milk and Chai body wash and lotion. Before opening the products I was a little iffy what the scents would be like. But I’m happy to report that it is a very fresh, light scent, that is actually really refreshing! It doesn’t give off that strong, chemical smell like some body washes or lotions do.

The body wash is super lush and gentle, I feel like it does a great job of cleaning without drying out my skin like most body washes do. A little goes a long way too so it’s going to take me a good while to get through this bottle so I’m super happy with it!

The lotion is amazing, it’s light but super moisturizing. It absorbs so well, even after a shower. I really like the consistency of it, even better than the SheaMoisture lotion I’ve been using. This brand absorbs better for me! It really leaves me feeling moisturized all day and night while still being gentle on my skin.



Next, is the Abyssian and Chia Hand Cream. I love this hand cream! My hands were literally cracking from how dry they got when I was in Utah. This stuff has been a lifesaver. It has a super mild scent, which I like. I hate when hand creams fight with my perfume! I keep it next to the sink and use it each time after I wash and dry my hands to keep them smooth all day! I plan on buying some to keep in my car and purse as well!



Finally, are the Abyssian and Chia Hand Cream bath bombs. These smell amazing! I really like using a good bath bomb after a long day, and I love that so many came in the box. Spending $15 on a bath bomb that only gets one use is ridiculous to me.

These have a great scent and are a pretty luxurious feeling product. I wish I would have taken pictures of these while I used them but I have this fear of dropping my phone in the bath so I avoid even taking it in there.

Using these then following the body lotion are a heavenly combination! I plan on buying these as gifts for friends!

Overall, I am hooked on this brand and will be repurchasing every product when I run out! Have you used Nubian Heritage before? What was your experience? Let me know below!Logo


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