Current Vitamain Routine



So I mentioned in How I Regrew my Hair post about some of the vitamins I was taking to help with my hair growth. Since then I’ve made some changes to my routine for more of a general health aspect and I’ve been really happy with the results to my hair, skin, and immune system! See below to see my entire update routine.  As with any change to your health routine please consult your doctor first!


Fish Oil

Fish is oil is great for your skin, heart, and brain! I have heart problems in my family so this one has been a constant for me!



I started taking this for immune support and I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the amount I pick up colds at work!



B12 for mood-boosting and metabolism support! I do a notice a difference in my energy too since taking these!



Not only does this help with immune system support but it has also been shown to help with anxiety which is a huge plus for me.



I don’t recommend taking this unless your doctor tells you to. I’m severely anemic so that’s my reasoning. It’s super important for me but does a number on my stomach. If you do have to take it in my experience always do it on a full stomach.



I’ve been doing a lot of research into gut health lately so I decided to add in a daily probiotic along with probiotic-rich foods. I haven’t been bloating throughout the day as much so I’m sold on them!

What vitamins are you currently taking? If any? Let me know below!Logo


7 thoughts on “Current Vitamain Routine

  1. I had to take iron for a long time as well for anemia and it did awful things to my stomach too! My doctor at the time told me to store it in the freezer to make it easier on my stomach, which did help! If you try this, I would run it by your doc first but thought I would share!


  2. I am also taking the same vitamins with the exception of fish oil. I also take E-3 alive. It’s like wheatgrass/spirulina, but more powerful as it reoxygenates your blood and has a plethora of benefits.


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