No New Clothes Challenge: Update

Hey all, I’m over one month into my no new clothes challenge. Just wanted to give everyone an update on how it’s going! I haven’t purchased any clothing items since 2018 began! So so far so good! This was pretty difficult because SLC has a pretty amazing mall! So I’ve definitely been tempted!

If this is your first time hearing about this challenge, it is a challenge where the goal is to stop frivolous spending and to take a really good look at what you already own. My third goal is to take a more minimalist approach to my closet and style.

My current time period is just until March 1st and then to evaluate if I really do need anything “new”. Currently, I am thinking I might need to purchase a pair of lulus. As they are what I live in on the weekends and my favorite pair is now too big for me – thanks to my weight loss goal this year.

But since this is a pretty big ticket item I will need to consider it more, I have sold a few items on Poshmark (use my code “kckiel” for $5 your first purchase). I’m considering waiting until I have enough money there from selling to buy a new pair! Kind of cheating but I think it’s okay!

Have you considered doing this challenge or something similar? Let me know below!



6 thoughts on “No New Clothes Challenge: Update

  1. I sell on Posh as well! I definitely appreciate being able to earn credit towards future purchases (: that’s how I funded a relatively recent Lilly Pulitzer shift. I will not be buying any clothing until late April/early May, but my rules for myself are that I have to absolutely love the item *and* that I will wear it considerably for 2+ years.

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  2. Incredible! 🎉🎊 I don’t buy clothes til end of season, big sales. There are times I don’t buy clothes for almost a year. I stick to solid classic colors like Jacky O look, so it is a timeless style without needing to keep up with latest trends. 🤗

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