I Switched to Natural Deodorant

So after falling into a health wormhole (like I do once a week), I decided to switch from my clinical strength to a “natural” deodorant. The wormhole I fell into was how the aluminum that traditional deodorants contain can lead to all sorts of scary things.

I always used very strong clinical strength deodorant and antiperspirant because I was very self-conscious of sweating. But now that I switched I actually sweat less overall. I am very happy with the results but the processes of switching was a long one.

Below I will take you through my tips on the “detox period” and my product recommendations.

In order to make the full switch, you have to go through a ‘mainstream deodorant detox’. I will be honest, mine took about a month. Weeks of smelling like I’ve been living in the woods my whole life with no showers. It was not great, but I got through it! I just kept some wet wipes in my purse and had to run to the bathroom every now and then.

My tips for getting through the detox include:

  • Sweat it out, I was hitting the sauna up every other day after working out, hot baths would probably work too
  • Apple cider vinegar, the reason you smell is when the bacteria in your armpits hit the air to produces a smell. ACV is an antibacterial so I would just rub some under there in the shower then rinse and I felt like this really helped
  • Loose clothes, let yourself breath for a little while
  • Water, water, water, it helps purge out all of the bad stuff
  • Patience, if you are committed to switching you have to just let the process happen and give it enough time to work.

After trying a variety of products, below are two recommendations:

Crystal Body Deodorant


Okay this is a little more holistic of a route than I am usually into, but not only is it super pretty on a counter but it does work… for the most part.

I wouldn’t use only this as it does nothing to stop the sweating, but it stops any smell for me. The Crystal Body Deodorant is made of 100 natural mineral salts which are hypoallergenic fragrance-free paraben free non-sticky non-staining dries instantly and leaves no white residue. I will use this out of the shower on dry, clean skin. Just get it wet then rub it all around.

You can grab it on Amazon, here.

Schmidt’s Deodorant, Lavender + Sage


So Schmidt’s has a lot of different scents on these but I like the lavender and sage one the best! This stuff actually does absorb the little sweat I do have now, and smells great! You really need to let it absorb through and not overdo it because it will get on your clothes. You also have to press against the skin for like 20 seconds for it to get warms and be able to blend in. But out of all the natural ones I’ve tried this one is by far the best that I’ve found.

Grab it or the other scents on Amazon or at a target!

Have you tried either of these? Would you go natural? Let me know below!Logo


8 thoughts on “I Switched to Natural Deodorant

  1. I read about what’s in deodorant and it freaks me out, too! My only concern for switching to a natural deodorant is I am just a naturally sweaty person, and I feel like I would just be very self-conscious of my armpit sweat and smell during that detox period. I finally found a system that works for me and keeps my sweat at bay, so I guess the reason why I haven’t made the switch yet is why ruin a good thing? I know the deodorant I use has some funky ingredients in it, but it works! One day, I will make the switch just for piece of mind, but the timing isn’t right yet… Maybe once I become a teacher and have some time off (e.g., winter break, summer break).


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