Sephora PLAY! Box or Birch Box, is it worth it? Help!

So I haven’t been too stoked on my last few Ipsy bags, to the point where I don’t even want to review my last month’s bag. That bad. I just haven’t been crazy excited for them lately as I’ve been getting them well over two years now.

I want to switch it up at this point!

I’m considering switching to the Sephora PLAY! Box or to Birch Box. I just wanted to reach out to you all before making the decision. Have any of had any experiences with either one of these boxes? Good or bad.

Let me know below!



19 thoughts on “Sephora PLAY! Box or Birch Box, is it worth it? Help!

  1. Ive had them both and it really depends on what you like more. Birchbox is more expensive, higher end skin and hair products mostly, while Sephora is more makeup based! Hope that helps!

    I’m currently getting Allure, Boxycharm, Glossybox & Ipsy. If you’re looking for a $10 one, I suggest Allure, Sephora or Birchbox based on whether you want makeup or skin/hair products. If you’re willing to spend a little more, I would suggest Boxycharm! It’s amazing!


  2. I subscribed to BirchBox just for few months. It wasn’t what I was looking for. I prefer something like Sephora Play or BoxyCharm where you get make-up stuff rather than skin care 🙂


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