March Goal Check In

img_0217Hi, there! Wow! We’re already done with the first two chapters of 2018! Spring has sprung in Northern California and we’re about to hit our rainy season, I’m pumped for that. Can’t wait for cozy afternoons cuddled up in my next read (spoiler: it’s Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life).

Happy to announce that this month I got a raise and have started working out in the mornings before work! I’ve even started out on a new high fat/ high protein diet that I’ve been loving (the bourbon flight I was on in my picture was a cheat day….).

I’ve changed a few of the goals or modified them since my last check-in in February. I’ve been so motivated and happy in February I can’t wait to see what March brings me! I’m so ready to hit the ground running on continuing my self-improvement goals for 2018!


  • Pay off one credit card fully Pay off all credit card debt – Thanks to my tax return and a bonus I paid off all of my smaller credit cards! And I am now 22% paid off of the main debt! I feel amazing to finally see it going down so visibly!
  • Save $1,000 – Saved $350 (35% of the way there!)

Health/ Fitness

  • Lose 5 pounds Lose 10 pounds– Since Nov 30th I have lost 7 pounds! February was an off month for me work out/ eating wise. My workouts were there but lots of lush weekends of just living life and not counting calories as well as changing my diet the scale didn’t budge. But I did go down a size in my normal jeans (8 to a 6) and lulus (10 to a 6)! So that feels amazing!
  • Drink a gallon of water a day –  according to My Fitbit app I have consumed an average of 92 a day. So I was close but I need to get better at tracking this.
  • 9,000 steps a day – My average last month was 10,083 a day so I nailed this one for the second month in a row!


  • Post at least one post per week – I had 8 posts in this month, crushed it again! 


  • Use phone less in general, especially at work – I’m trying a new app called Forest to help with this goal, I will give an update on how this is going next month! But it has been helping at work to keep the phone down!
  • Read one book a month – This month I finished two books! Idaho by Emily Ruskovich and Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng. Idaho, honestly, not a fan. It was well written, however, the plot was very strange, overall would not recommend it. Little Fires Everywhere was great though! I feel like I read it in nearly one session! It’s written so well and the story is amazing, highly recommend this one if you’re looking a quick read!

What resolutions or goals did you set for yourself this year? Let me know below!



12 thoughts on “March Goal Check In

  1. Good for you to sticking to your goals. I find it harder to eat healthier on weekends. During the week, I am like a monk, however, on the weekends I go all out like I am on spring break. 😜 my goal was to Meditate daily for over 5 minutes. I am continuing slow and steady. xx


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