No New Clothes Challenge: March Update

Hey all, I was participating in the No New Clothes Challenge for the first part of the year. My wanted outcome was to save money and take stock of what I currently own.

My goal was to get to March 1st without buying any new clothes, I ended up buying a pair of lulus and jeans a little before this mark but made it through! I used money from a bonus and from selling some items on Poshmark (use my code “kckiel” for $5 your first purchase).

I’ve gone down some sizes in pants (you can read more about that in my goal updates), so I was drowning in the pants I wear to work almost every day and wanted to treat myself to more functional lulus with my Poshmark money!

I also got the opportunity to go to the Columbia Employee store (fat discounts), and I needed some gear for my upcoming trip to Joshua Tree National Park. I bought a jacket that was marked down over 50% and a base layer that was only $15. The jacket should last me forever so I’m not feeling guilty about that one.

Coming from someone who used to shop almost every weekend for retail therapy this is an amazing change for me. I’m going to extend the challenge until April 1st!


Have you taken this challenge before? Let me know below!



10 thoughts on “No New Clothes Challenge: March Update

  1. I did something similar last winter with beauty and clothing. Totally eye opening to participate in a challenge like this!


  2. I do love this idea so much. For someone who is a clothing hoarder like myself and feels the need to constantly online shop at my favorite stores, I might see just how long I can last without purchasing any new clothes too!


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