April Goal Check-In

img_0868Hey everyone!

March is over and has been an absolute whirlwind for me! I traveled to Atlanta and Denver for work, and just spent a weekend camping for the first time in my adult life in Joshua Tree National Park! And next weekend I’m visiting a friend in Boise, Idaho! I’m pretty sure I’ve traveled more in the last three months than I have in the last three years!

You can check my March Check-In here! I had such an amazing March, I’m so excited to see what April has in store for me! Below I’ll show my progress and set some intentions for this month!


  • Pay off one credit card fully Pay off all credit card debt –  I am now 24% paid off of the main debt! That’s only down 2% from last month but still, progress is progress considering it was 5% at the start of this year!
  • Save $1,000 – Saved $750 (75% of the way there!)

Health/ Fitness

  • Lose 5 pounds Lose 10 pounds– Since Nov 30th I have lost 7 pounds! There was no weight shift this month but my clothes are still feeling looser and my workouts have been on point, even with all the work travel, which I’m super proud of!
  • Drink a gallon of water a day –  according to My Fitbit app once again I have been bad at tracking it, only 64 per day (tracked). I feel like I was close to hitting it but without the tracking, I can’t be totally sure!
  • 9,000 steps a day – My average last month was 10,124 a day which is 50 more steps a day than last month!


  • Post at least one post per week – I had 7 posts in this month, crushed it again! 
  • Get to 200 followers on Instagram – This is a new goal this month, I’m currently at 113 if you do not already check out my page, @zinfulblonde!


  • Use phone less in general, especially at work – This one is getting removed next month because I feel like I’ve really been so good at living in the moment lately! I may come back to it if I get sloppy with it
  • Read one book a month – This month I read 12 Rules For Life by Jordan Peterson, I LOVED this book. It was super dense so it did take a while but it was so worth it! The tone is funny and realistic. It’s scientific and full of common sense. It really made me think deeply and really focus on it. I would recommend this to anyone.  

What resolutions or goals did you set for yourself this year? Let me know below!



6 thoughts on “April Goal Check-In

  1. Oh the debt gets everybody! Congrats on paying it down. 🙌🏼 I just followed you on Instagram. Going to add the book to my list of reads. I am still keeping up with my New Year’s work out resolution! xx


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