June Goal Check-In

img_2204I cannot believe that May is already over and we’re already almost halfway through this year!

As far as May goes…. a lot happened. I’m going to bullet point it:

  • Went to the Coachella Valley for work on a solo trip, it was gorgeous
  • Went back to Boise to visit friends, it was amazing
  • Went to New Mexico to explore with my Mom and we got to go to the Georgia O’Keefe Museum (our favorite)
  • My lease was not renewed, so I made the decision to quit my corporate job (after 3 years) and have decided to move to Boise!

Now some bad news… 4 days before the move my car decided to break down on the 110 interchange in downtown LA. It will be in the shop for at least 2 weeks, then I will FINALLY make a move out there. All of my stuff is in my parent’s garage ready to go.

I am so eager to get out there and start my job hunt, I’m currently staying in my hometown which is great. But I wasn’t expecting a forced vacation! But at least it will give me some downtime to reevaluate a lot of aspects of my life. And to get started on my job hunt.

See below for my goal updates, hopefully, I’ll have good news for you all next month!


  • Pay off one credit card fully Pay off all credit card debt –  22% paid off on my principal debt, I’ll still be making regular payments, but with my balance transfer it’s at 0% interest, I will just be a little less aggressive paying this off until I get a new job!
  • Save $1,000 Save $2,000 – Saved $1,300 – I have a feeling I may have to dip into this savings depending on my job hunt, but I’m really attempting not to!

Health/ Fitness

  • Lose 5 pounds Lose 10 pounds– Since Nov 30th I have lost 7 pounds! I honestly have been too afraid to weigh myself this month with the traveling, packing, and stress. I need to get over it and see if any damage has been done with my lack of gym access.
  • Drink a gallon of water a day –  according to My Fitbit app once I only drank 62.8 oz a day, which is less than half of this goal. I have yet to hit this, but I think it’s a tracking issue. 
  • 9,000 steps a day – My average last month was 9,572 which is slightly higher than the previous month. With my downtime, I’m trying to go on walks to make sure that I am hitting my goals here.


  • Post at least one post per week – I had only had 1 post this month. Which is garbage and I need to get on top of it.
  • Get to 200 followers on Instagram –  I’m currently at 145 if you do not already check out my page, @goldenstateofblonde! (I’m considering rebranding from zinfulblonde)


  • Read one book a month – This month I read a few books actually, but my favorite of them was “The Song of Achilles” by Madeline Miller. It is so beautifully written, and I’ve always liked Greek Methodology. I finished it in a day and a half. It’s been a while since I couldn’t put a book down. I really recommend this one, I want to read the rest of her work but should probably read what I already have. I traded in a lot of my old books and picked up some new ones. I’m super excited! 


What resolutions or goals did you set for yourself this year? How are you sticking to them? Let me know below!





5 thoughts on “June Goal Check-In

  1. Sorry to hear about your car breaking down in one of the busiest highways in the nation 🙈 I grew up in LA, so I can surely empathize. My yoga and meditation goals have been ok, not great, but I adopted SoulCycle into my fitness. 🙌🏼


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