Work Travel Necessities

In the past year, I've been traveling for work a lot. Through a lot of trial and error, I've narrowed down what is non-negotiable travel wise. And here are the top few items, enjoy! COSMO Cosmetic Bag: This bag is fabulous! No more digging for a lipstick, just lay it out on the hotel counter and … Continue reading Work Travel Necessities


Easy Ways to Drink More Water ο»Ώ

Drinking enough water is by far the most important and easiest way to improve your skin, mood, and overall health. Yet many people fall well below the recommended amount. The rule of thumb is if you become thirsty it's too late you're already mildly dehydrated. In high school, I didn't even own a water bottle, … Continue reading Easy Ways to Drink More Water ο»Ώ